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Tomorrow is the big day. My latest novel, The Falleran, will officially be released on the Secret Cravings Website. I’m excited – well obviously – not just because I poured my heart into another story about to come to life for others to read, but because I REALLY enjoyed writing this one. I loved writing The Oathbreaker’s Son, but I super-duper enjoyed this science fiction tale of survival and forbidden love.

Here’s the link if you want to buy the book and below is my wonderful cover art and an excerpt.

Have a great day all!


Holding the binoculars to his eyes, Roman searched the north edge of the colony for movement. As she emerged from the side of a wooden house, her long black hair glistened in the starlight, her eyes sparkling with an apparent fear. “No doubt about it. That must be Nijaya.”

“Why would she be out alone protecting her colony? Shouldn’t she have her guards out?”

“They have nothing to fear here, Zane. No one has found them. I’m told she is a proud woman devoted to her people. I bet she’s going out to look for the route.”

“Alone? That’s crazy.”

Roman smirked under the binoculars. “I think it’s rather courageous. She is most definitely a determined woman.”

“Judging by the battle gear she’s wearing, I’d say she’s not one to mess with!”

Roman chuckled.

A few feet to their right, the leaves rustled. Roman ducked down, while Zane inched his body to the side of the tree. More crackling and snapped twigs followed. Roman’s heart pounded with the fear another schilos sniffed nearby, preparing to attack. He couldn’t possibly fend off one of the hideous beasts with his leg so badly injured. The antlers of a boisterous buck came through the trees just before his head appeared. Aware of their presence, the majestic animal continued carefully on his path, eyeing the possible threat the entire way.

As Roman relaxed, enjoying the sight of the gorgeous creature not often seen in his land, a swoosh came from deep in the valley. The animal dropped, an arrow embedded in his neck. Immediately the heat in the surrounding air made breathing difficult as the woman who had only a moment ago stood down in the valley now emerged right next to them. Her sudden appearance scared Zane enough he fell out of the tree, the sound of his body crashing to the ground diverting her attention to them. She crouched slightly, her hand firmly on the sword sheathed at her side.

With his hands held up in front of him, Roman stayed in place to keep from threatening her in any manner. “We mean you no harm.”

She ducked down, eyes peering through the foliage, apparently trying to get a better look at him. “Then come out here where I can address you face to face.” Her hand naturally remained on the sword.

Zane, on his knees crouched behind the tree, questioned him with his eyes. Roman motioned for him to follow. Carefully the two men came through the leaves of the magnolia tree. She watched them carefully, but once they were unhidden her eyes widened and she immediately bowed. She released the sword. “King Roman, I welcome you to our village.”

Her greeting shocked him. “You know who I am?”

“Rumors of your height—for a human—left me with no other deduction.” She held her position, gently bent at the waist.

He smiled. “As flattering as that may be, Nijaya, the bowing is not. Please do stand up. You are no less an important leader than I.”

Staring up at him, her head tilted. “You know me as well?”

“I do. Rumors of your beauty have also spread rapidly. Of course those tales also involve the brilliant black armor you wear so valiantly. Rarely do you find a mere villager roaming around a colony so early making sure all is well. I had no reason to doubt who you are.”

“You’ve been watching me?”

He put a hand back up to stave off any anger. “Only for a few moments. I believe I have something you may be looking for.”

There was a glint in her eyes. Roman sensed if she’d had pupils, they would have been mere slits about now. She had no reason to trust his kind. “What could you have that you feel we would need?” She turned to face the village. “As you can see, we do just fine on our own.”

“Yet you continue to steal supplies.”

As she spun back around, her hair whipped across the armor at her front, pattering like rain on a tin roof. Her back stiffened. “There are some things we cannot fashion for ourselves, but if the treaty—”

“The treaty is as foul as the characters who drafted it.” Roman took a step forward, his limp becoming obvious.

She looked down. “You’re hurt.”

“Never mind that now.”

Her gaze held fast to his knee. “We can discuss these other matters later. You need medical attention.” Darting off to her left, she disappeared into thin air.

Moving the tree limbs and brush around the area she had vanished, Zane hunted for Nijaya. “How do they do that?”


I’ve Missed My Muses

I know. It’s been a long time since my last blog post. Christmas sneaks up on you sometimes and the speed the days went by shocked me. I had a few days off, but felt like I never stepped away from work. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little time with my family though, so I definitely won’t apologize for focusing on them at my favourite time of year.

Now with Christmas and New Year’s behind us, a completed course in Illustrator, which I passed with flying colours (pats herself gently on the back), I have returned to writing! I sure missed my muses.

Good thing for the outline I wrote as I started my recent sci-fi, which I’ve named “The Falleran”. The name could change. I usually struggle with up to five titles before I pick one. My characters had been left at a crucial point in the story and it had been killing me to leave them there, but I had priorities above and beyond their needs. Since finding more time to attend to them in the last couple of weeks, I’ve brought them forward by about 5000 words. Should the story get published, I’ve crossed the threshold for print, which is what I strive for. E-books are great, but in Canada they are not as popular as in the US. Nearly everyone I know asked me when my last one would be out in print. I would say about a third of them had e-readers, but used them sparsely, preferring instead to hold a book in their hands.

So here is a little snippet of “The Falleran”. This is the start of Chapter One, after a Prologue which sets the stage for what happened in the year 2033. Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors, as I’m literally in the first draft and I’m not watching for those issues while I pound the story out on the keyboard. The story is in the home stretch. If I can find time to keep focusing on it, I could have it done before the end of the month.

Roman sat bored in his chair while the man went on about his encounter. “It just disappeared into thin air!” The man waved his arms wildly as if he were reliving his story at that very moment.
“Why do you press this matter Xerin?” His indifference forced the young aid to stomp his foot like a frustrated child. Roman knew the young man was eager to please, but he was going about it the wrong way.
“Sir, we have to find them. They are a detriment to our society.” Xerin insisted, running his hands through thick blonde locks surely better served on a woman. With eyes as blue as his father had told him the oceans once were, Xerin caught the eye of many women in Truche. His reputation for being a ladies’ man was confined only by the fact he remained untouched below the belt by anyone recently other than his current interest.
“How so?” Roman rubbed his chin, feigning some interest in the debate.
“It’s not natural.”
“Sounds to me you have been on the other side of the mountains listening to the drivel the aliens preach.”
Xerin’s mouth dropped. “I have not!”
Roman laughed, his deep brown eyes flickering like deep topaz in a hint of sunlight reaching through a window high above them. He pulled away, pretending the intense light did not hurt. “Xerin, you mustn’t be so serious. Those eyes of yours will turn grey before your hair.”
Xerin pouted. “I would never…”
“I’m well aware of that.”
“King Roman, if I may ask, why are you so content to let these – these things – go on living? The Rhuka believe it is wrong.”
“Perhaps it is the Rhuka that are wrong.”
Xerin’s back straightened. “No. The Treaty says Human and Rhuka shall not mate. It’s against the law.”
“Laws made by Rhuka and Human. Old Mother Nature clearly had other plans.”
“It’s disgusting.” Xerin spat, crinkling his nose as if the very word caused an irreproachable stench to surround him.
Roman took in a breath just as Evander stepped out of the shadows. “Excuse me Roman, but I’m concerned about the time.”
His mouth still open, preparing to mouth words he had now forgotten, he brought his finger up, pointing at the aid. “Leave them Xerin. They are not a threat.”
“I have a prior engagement.” Roman began taking the steps down from the stage where he stood to address his troops. “I really cannot break this commitment in favour of further discussion on a matter that in my opinion is closed.”
I hope you enjoyed a little taste of what is to come from yours truly. I have three other projects yet to finish; two to be written and one I wrote prior to the publishing of “The Oathbreaker’s Son” that needs a little TLC. I want to edit the story so badly and have the story seen by the world.

Have a great day!



Come on over and visit me at Author Sandra Sookoo’s blog where I am discussing some of the tools for writing!

Rain, Rain Go Away. Come Again When I Can Focus!

Five solid days of rain have already passed with a forecasted three more still to come.  Staring out the window, the remaining leaves on the trees wave at me violently as if each one begs to be brought in to sit by the fire.  Those that have fallen cover the storm sewers, creating lakes along the roadside large enough to drown the dog.  Speaking of the dog, she is antsy, nudging me daily to the door only to step outside and immediately turn back around, the brown of her eyes blackening as depression sets in.  Now, with Hurricane Sandy on her way to whip Southern Ontario around for a few hours, I feel caged in.  I have so much to do inside – writing, reading my Illustrator course lectures and completing my assignments, a Halloween costume to sew, an online hockey coaches course to complete – yet all I want to do is go outside.  One or two days of rain are welcome.  When I feel like I should invest in a rowboat and sell my minivan, perhaps Mother Nature has been a little too cruel.  I live in Canada after all, not England.

I’m staring at my laptop knowing full well what I should be doing, but instead I write a blog post about the pouring rain.  Storms are emotional for me.  If I had a covered porch, I’d be wrapped in blanket outside listening to the wind tell me its tales or singing a rap to the raindrops drumming the rooftop.  Since my deck and front porch are wide open, I have to be content to sit inside, ponder my life and wonder how I will ever keep up with what I need to do.  Life is like that I guess.  Always striving, always working, never enough time to get everything you want to do, done.

I don’t need time management skills.  What I need is for some miraculous addition of about four hours to the day.  Of course if my wish were granted, two of those hours would be gobbled up, as I’m most certain labour laws would change to grant businesses an extension of a legal work day.  I most certainly would take at least one hour away for sleep, since I’m seriously lacking there anyway.  What would I do with an extra hour?  Probably none other than waste it at the TV or playing a game.

Zoe Striking faced a storm of her own.  Read about her in The Oathbreaker’s Son – available at the links below.

On Amazon  (Print)

Sweet Cravings Publishing

Enjoy your day!

The Oathbreaker’s Son now in print!

I’m so excited, I could EXPLODE!  The Oathbreaker’s Son is now available in print.  As soon as I have a minute to breathe, I’m going to order at least 10 copies.  The moment I hold my baby in my hands will be nothing less than pure contentment.  After a year of writing and editing that novel, seeing her in black and white (colour cover of course) with my name in red across the front will bring the circle to successful completion.  Five years of rejection, questions, writing and re-writing other work, research and editing has put me exactly where I wanted to be – PUBLISHED!  Thanks to everyone for their support so far.  I’m looking forward to completing my sci-fi and starting the process anew.

The Oathbreaker’s Son has two 5-star reviews, one on Amazon and one on Goodreads.  You can purchase a print copy of The Oathbreaker’s Son on here:

Have a great day!

Where in the World are our SCP Authors Blog Event

Up for grabs is a PDF copy of “The Oathbreaker’s Son” released June2012. Here are my clues.

I am from a small town north of the border, near a city where the tower is no longer the tallest. Alice probably never would have found the white rabbit here, but the Princess of Wales is here nightly at the shows. The geese fly high above you as you shop and the pucks are dropped regularly in the Hall.

Leave your answer in the comments below, along with your email address.  Those who guess right will get their names put in a hat and I’ll draw a winner!  Good luck and I hope you have fun!

Here is the blurb for The Oathbreaker’s Son:

Zoe Striking was looking for a new lease on life and hopefully an opportunity to find love with the man she had her eye on for years.

Mike had been admiring her from a distance and secretly hoping she would never happen across the little house on Valley Drive. When Zoe announces that she has moved into the house, Mike has no choice but to step forward as both a suitor and an ally, but the conflicting stories about what happened in the house have Zoe running away from everyone, including herself. What she can’t run from is her heart.

Available at Amazon and Sweet Cravings Publishing

She is in love with two men; one who can give her everything she needs and one who has captivated her very soul.

When Writing Becomes a Chore

Life is hardly anything like the days when Mom stayed home spending time with the kids, cooking, cleaning and baking. For those Moms who get to stay at home, wonderful! I wish I had that option. Today, families are taxed above and beyond. The expectation to keep your kids healthy and active has gone viral to a point the activity could be the death of a few of us. My family is no exception to the rule. We have a daughter playing Ringette at the rep level, our son plays hockey, my husband and I are coaching him and I officiate Ringette at the Provincial Level. On top of our full time jobs and even a side business, I’ve decided to cram in an Adobe Illustrator Course through my local college because obviously I’m lacking enough to do. My creative writing opportunities are being reduced to talking things out to myself in the shower and trying to squeak a few words in on my lunch break. Not particularly effective, but I make do.

As the pace in my household steps up for the Fall/Winter season of running from home to work, to arena, to arena and home, trying to fit in food and housekeeping in between, I am finding getting back to my WIP a real chore. I don’t even have time to write down my ideas in a notepad half the time because there never seems to be one close by when I need it. Maybe I should get a voice recorder, but wouldn’t it be ruined if I took it in the shower? And most certainly, paper does not hold up against water! Perhaps I should buy those bathtub crayons made of soap. I could always write my notes on the tile, right? Ok, I’m a clean-freak. We all know I won’t go through with it.

My WIP sits at nearly 37,000 words, most of which were written through the lazier days of summer. I guess I have to be satisfied with getting two sentences written at lunch, even if the rest of the novel takes the whole Hockey/Ringette season to complete. My goal was to complete it by our Canadian Thanksgiving. Feasting on my turkey will have to be bittersweet. I love being at the rink, but it will have to be with my laptop firmly in my lap keeping my legs warm. Writing my story will be on my to-do list for a bit yet. I’ll just have to get the job done in between life!

How does your busy life affect your writing or any of your other passions? Where do you squeak in time to write, sew, have a little “ME” time?

Happy Monday!