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Hump Day Hook

It’s Wednesday! Time for another Hump Day Hook. Today, a group of authors post a paragraph from either a WIP or a published novel. For a list of participating authors, please visit

I’ve only participated once with my recently completed Sci-Fi. Here is my Hump Day Hook for today, an excerpt from my novel The Oathbreaker’s Son available on or at


“Zoe, it’s Mike.” The words spilled out urgently. “Maria told me about what you found at the library. I had that article and I was afraid to show it to you.”


“There is a lot to explain. I shouldn’t do it over the phone.

“I can’t meet you right now.”

“Zoe listen to me carefully,” Mike emphasized. “You are the only one that has ever seen him. No one else has.”

“I don’t understand—”

“And he’s listening, so I can’t explain this to you now. You have to get out of that house. Please!”

Suddenly Charles charged through the wall in a gust of wind, picking Zoe up off of her feet and slamming her to the floor. Her cell phone flew out of her hand, crashing into the corner, splintering into a mess of plastic and glass.

Charles hovered over her. “He is trying to make you hate me the way Emma does.”

With her breath stripped from her lungs, she argued through quick gasps for air. “No…he doesn’t…understand.”

He leaned over her. “You are the one Miss Zoe Striking. I need you to help me free my son from the evil.” He spoke softly, but his demeanor was far from gentle.

Zoe lay shivering underneath him yet oddly, she felt sorry for him. Her conscious mind screamed at her to run, but he had claimed an important piece of her heart, anchoring her to the spot. She felt herself melting in his cold and icy embrace. She lay quietly on the floor under the cold mist of a century old ghost, until she fell asleep.


Enjoy your Wednesday and I hope you enjoyed my Hump Day Hook!



What to say?

My blog has suffered a bit while I worked through edits on my sci-fi novel, The Falleran. I shared a snippet of this book a few weeks ago and I hope you’ll take the time to search for it. Currently, with only one novel published, I find it tough to post something every week. What do I say that you haven’t heard before?

Of course I say that, but I fully intend to reengage any audience I can find to reintroduce The Oathbreaker’s Son. Part of being an author is the responsibility for marketing your product. I continue to get positive comments on the story, so I certainly hope The Falleran will get the same good reviews. Here’s hoping it will be published sometime this year.

On Wednesday April 17th, please join me back here for another little snippet of The Oathbreaker’s Son on the Hump Day Hook circuit.

Enjoy your week and weekend!

Do you like Drama?

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Finishing a Novel

Have you written a novel? Come and see my monthly Museful Monday post on Author Sandra Sookoo’s blog. I’m just about done my latest Sci-Fi and I’m talking about that wonderful feeling of completion. A sense of accomplishment!

Have a great day! 🙂

I’ve Missed My Muses

I know. It’s been a long time since my last blog post. Christmas sneaks up on you sometimes and the speed the days went by shocked me. I had a few days off, but felt like I never stepped away from work. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little time with my family though, so I definitely won’t apologize for focusing on them at my favourite time of year.

Now with Christmas and New Year’s behind us, a completed course in Illustrator, which I passed with flying colours (pats herself gently on the back), I have returned to writing! I sure missed my muses.

Good thing for the outline I wrote as I started my recent sci-fi, which I’ve named “The Falleran”. The name could change. I usually struggle with up to five titles before I pick one. My characters had been left at a crucial point in the story and it had been killing me to leave them there, but I had priorities above and beyond their needs. Since finding more time to attend to them in the last couple of weeks, I’ve brought them forward by about 5000 words. Should the story get published, I’ve crossed the threshold for print, which is what I strive for. E-books are great, but in Canada they are not as popular as in the US. Nearly everyone I know asked me when my last one would be out in print. I would say about a third of them had e-readers, but used them sparsely, preferring instead to hold a book in their hands.

So here is a little snippet of “The Falleran”. This is the start of Chapter One, after a Prologue which sets the stage for what happened in the year 2033. Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors, as I’m literally in the first draft and I’m not watching for those issues while I pound the story out on the keyboard. The story is in the home stretch. If I can find time to keep focusing on it, I could have it done before the end of the month.

Roman sat bored in his chair while the man went on about his encounter. “It just disappeared into thin air!” The man waved his arms wildly as if he were reliving his story at that very moment.
“Why do you press this matter Xerin?” His indifference forced the young aid to stomp his foot like a frustrated child. Roman knew the young man was eager to please, but he was going about it the wrong way.
“Sir, we have to find them. They are a detriment to our society.” Xerin insisted, running his hands through thick blonde locks surely better served on a woman. With eyes as blue as his father had told him the oceans once were, Xerin caught the eye of many women in Truche. His reputation for being a ladies’ man was confined only by the fact he remained untouched below the belt by anyone recently other than his current interest.
“How so?” Roman rubbed his chin, feigning some interest in the debate.
“It’s not natural.”
“Sounds to me you have been on the other side of the mountains listening to the drivel the aliens preach.”
Xerin’s mouth dropped. “I have not!”
Roman laughed, his deep brown eyes flickering like deep topaz in a hint of sunlight reaching through a window high above them. He pulled away, pretending the intense light did not hurt. “Xerin, you mustn’t be so serious. Those eyes of yours will turn grey before your hair.”
Xerin pouted. “I would never…”
“I’m well aware of that.”
“King Roman, if I may ask, why are you so content to let these – these things – go on living? The Rhuka believe it is wrong.”
“Perhaps it is the Rhuka that are wrong.”
Xerin’s back straightened. “No. The Treaty says Human and Rhuka shall not mate. It’s against the law.”
“Laws made by Rhuka and Human. Old Mother Nature clearly had other plans.”
“It’s disgusting.” Xerin spat, crinkling his nose as if the very word caused an irreproachable stench to surround him.
Roman took in a breath just as Evander stepped out of the shadows. “Excuse me Roman, but I’m concerned about the time.”
His mouth still open, preparing to mouth words he had now forgotten, he brought his finger up, pointing at the aid. “Leave them Xerin. They are not a threat.”
“I have a prior engagement.” Roman began taking the steps down from the stage where he stood to address his troops. “I really cannot break this commitment in favour of further discussion on a matter that in my opinion is closed.”
I hope you enjoyed a little taste of what is to come from yours truly. I have three other projects yet to finish; two to be written and one I wrote prior to the publishing of “The Oathbreaker’s Son” that needs a little TLC. I want to edit the story so badly and have the story seen by the world.

Have a great day!



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Autoreply: Out of Mind

Sometimes, you just need a break.  If all writers are like me, they don’t get a break very often.  I have recently bitten off far more than I can chew. I’m proud to say I’m passing my Illustrator course with flying colours (93%), but at the expense of my poor muses. The course takes up far more time than I expected.  My last assignment took nearly 2 weeks to complete, so every minute my laptop was cradled on my lap, I was drawing.  So here is my masterpiece, which I got 100% on by the way!
Basic RGB
On Monday this week, I found myself struggling to stay awake by 6:30 pm. No hockey, no ringette and my next assignment wasn’t due for two weeks. Yes, I had housework to do and as the Chief Referee for my local ringette association, I could have been working on the ref schedule, but my laptop stayed tucked quietly in its case while I stay tucked pleasantly under a woven Mexican blanket my sister-in-law gave me, pretending to watch TV.  My son curled up in front of me and the only reason I got up was when our dog jumped on my chest because she had to pee and I wasn’t paying attention to her cold-nose flicks of my arm.  The sandman called me somewhere around 8 pm and I went for a little frolic with him until my children had to go to bed.  After they were placing calls to the Sandman themselves, I rejoined him for the night.
Sometimes I wish all of my evenings could be so laid back and easy. I needed the break.  With a little extra sleep and a refreshed frame of mind, I have returned with a vengeance, trying to squeak 400 things into a sixteen hour day.  That’s only 25 different tasks an hour – easy peasy!  It’s a good thing I’ve got lots of energy, at least most of the time.  My sci-fi novel had to take a backseat and it’s killing me, but the course will be over before Christmas and I have a few holidays coming.  Instead of taking a break from my mind, I’ll just take a break from other tasks and get the darn book finished!  I hope.
Have a great day!