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Tomorrow is the big day. My latest novel, The Falleran, will officially be released on the Secret Cravings Website. I’m excited – well obviously – not just because I poured my heart into another story about to come to life for others to read, but because I REALLY enjoyed writing this one. I loved writing The Oathbreaker’s Son, but I super-duper enjoyed this science fiction tale of survival and forbidden love.

Here’s the link if you want to buy the book and below is my wonderful cover art and an excerpt.

Have a great day all!


Holding the binoculars to his eyes, Roman searched the north edge of the colony for movement. As she emerged from the side of a wooden house, her long black hair glistened in the starlight, her eyes sparkling with an apparent fear. “No doubt about it. That must be Nijaya.”

“Why would she be out alone protecting her colony? Shouldn’t she have her guards out?”

“They have nothing to fear here, Zane. No one has found them. I’m told she is a proud woman devoted to her people. I bet she’s going out to look for the route.”

“Alone? That’s crazy.”

Roman smirked under the binoculars. “I think it’s rather courageous. She is most definitely a determined woman.”

“Judging by the battle gear she’s wearing, I’d say she’s not one to mess with!”

Roman chuckled.

A few feet to their right, the leaves rustled. Roman ducked down, while Zane inched his body to the side of the tree. More crackling and snapped twigs followed. Roman’s heart pounded with the fear another schilos sniffed nearby, preparing to attack. He couldn’t possibly fend off one of the hideous beasts with his leg so badly injured. The antlers of a boisterous buck came through the trees just before his head appeared. Aware of their presence, the majestic animal continued carefully on his path, eyeing the possible threat the entire way.

As Roman relaxed, enjoying the sight of the gorgeous creature not often seen in his land, a swoosh came from deep in the valley. The animal dropped, an arrow embedded in his neck. Immediately the heat in the surrounding air made breathing difficult as the woman who had only a moment ago stood down in the valley now emerged right next to them. Her sudden appearance scared Zane enough he fell out of the tree, the sound of his body crashing to the ground diverting her attention to them. She crouched slightly, her hand firmly on the sword sheathed at her side.

With his hands held up in front of him, Roman stayed in place to keep from threatening her in any manner. “We mean you no harm.”

She ducked down, eyes peering through the foliage, apparently trying to get a better look at him. “Then come out here where I can address you face to face.” Her hand naturally remained on the sword.

Zane, on his knees crouched behind the tree, questioned him with his eyes. Roman motioned for him to follow. Carefully the two men came through the leaves of the magnolia tree. She watched them carefully, but once they were unhidden her eyes widened and she immediately bowed. She released the sword. “King Roman, I welcome you to our village.”

Her greeting shocked him. “You know who I am?”

“Rumors of your height—for a human—left me with no other deduction.” She held her position, gently bent at the waist.

He smiled. “As flattering as that may be, Nijaya, the bowing is not. Please do stand up. You are no less an important leader than I.”

Staring up at him, her head tilted. “You know me as well?”

“I do. Rumors of your beauty have also spread rapidly. Of course those tales also involve the brilliant black armor you wear so valiantly. Rarely do you find a mere villager roaming around a colony so early making sure all is well. I had no reason to doubt who you are.”

“You’ve been watching me?”

He put a hand back up to stave off any anger. “Only for a few moments. I believe I have something you may be looking for.”

There was a glint in her eyes. Roman sensed if she’d had pupils, they would have been mere slits about now. She had no reason to trust his kind. “What could you have that you feel we would need?” She turned to face the village. “As you can see, we do just fine on our own.”

“Yet you continue to steal supplies.”

As she spun back around, her hair whipped across the armor at her front, pattering like rain on a tin roof. Her back stiffened. “There are some things we cannot fashion for ourselves, but if the treaty—”

“The treaty is as foul as the characters who drafted it.” Roman took a step forward, his limp becoming obvious.

She looked down. “You’re hurt.”

“Never mind that now.”

Her gaze held fast to his knee. “We can discuss these other matters later. You need medical attention.” Darting off to her left, she disappeared into thin air.

Moving the tree limbs and brush around the area she had vanished, Zane hunted for Nijaya. “How do they do that?”