In my world, pixies, witches, aliens and ghosts are all friends. Let my imagination take you somewhere amazing!


Born and raised in a small Canadian town, Robyn’s imagination appeared early in her school writings. After writing a comical story about being as small as a pencil at the age of 11, her teachers often indicated writing could be her forte. However, Robyn had many passions, including a dear love for the Canadian sport of Ringette, where she spent years focusing on her officiating (reffing) skills as well as playing and coaching. In her early 30’s the urge to tell her imaginative tales became overpowering and she began venturing into writing again. Her first published novel, The Oathbreaker’s Son, was released in June of 2012. She has plans to continue with science fiction, paranormal and fantasy. Robyn carries her laptop at all times, including to arenas and soccer fields, writing during practices or before her children’s games. Still a small town girl at heart, most of her work reflects the ideals and even frustrations with living in a community where everyone knows everyone else and everything you do!


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