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It’s still my house!

For the first time ever, I have experienced selling a home. It’s a stressful time for anyone, constantly making sure your house is in perfect shape at any time of the day just so someone who might stop by while you’re at work sees the place in tip top condition.

But the disturbing side of this is the things people think you sign up for just because you’ve put your home on the market. Let me reiterate here that I said put your HOME on the market.  Not your life, your things or yourself.  If by writing my post I stop even one person from doing one of these invasive things, my duty will be done.

I implore you… if you are looking into buying a house, please either keep these things in mind or plain and simple, do NOT do these things.

  1.  You are in what is still MY home.   Yes, this may be your home in the future if we come to an agreement, but until such time, this is my house and you don’t have free reign to touch whatever you want.
  2. I understand that if you want to buy my home you want to look in closets for sizing and shelving and to see how I’ve arranged things. This does not however constitute a right to begin touching my clothes, moving my things around or removing them from said closets unless you choose to put them back where you found them.   My clothes and personal affects do not come with the house.   Just so you know, I plan to take those with me, we’re not even sure they fit you.
  3. If you wish to see my home, there is a phone number on a lovely sign out front. Otherwise, you would not have known my home was even for sale. There is no need to look in my windows while I try to enjoy my remaining time in the home. I live in a house, not a fishbowl. Unless you plan to drop me a pizza and watch me eat it from that window, I suggest you get off my property.
  4. My dressers also do not come with the house. I’m not sure why you would want to see my underwear, but they really don’t do anything to enhance the view of the room so how about you leave my panties to me.
  5. Yes, you did come in the day time to view my house and I’m sure you’d really like to know what the lighting is like in the evening. However, when I left my house my blinds and curtains were open and my sofa was not where it is now. I liked my sofa in that corner. If you buy the place, no one said you had to put yours in that exact place, but how about you use your imagination to decide what you want to do instead of touching my stuff? And if that doesn’t work for you, maybe you could put it back when you’re done?
  6. Oh, you didn’t like the blinds I put up there? That’s fantastic, I appreciate that you left them on the table for me to put back.  No problem. I do it every day.
  7. Hey, are you going to pay my hydro bill? I know the corner of that room was a little dark and you want to thoroughly inspect the place, but maybe you could turn the light out when you’re done?  It is broad daylight out and the cat really doesn’t need the extra light once you’re gone. I assure you she knows the house quite well and can navigate that room fine with the light coming in from the window that now doesn’t have any blinds on it.


I am a very private person and this has been very trying at the best of times. The last thing I feel anyone should do to someone selling their home is make them feel violated.  Let’s face it, not all homes are on the market completely at the will of the seller.  Sometimes people are forced into a sale and really don’t want to go through this.

You are in someone else’s home until the point in which you buy it and move in. How about you show some respect for their life, their belongings and their privacy until that house is officially yours.

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