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Autoreply: Out of Mind

Sometimes, you just need a break.  If all writers are like me, they don’t get a break very often.  I have recently bitten off far more than I can chew. I’m proud to say I’m passing my Illustrator course with flying colours (93%), but at the expense of my poor muses. The course takes up far more time than I expected.  My last assignment took nearly 2 weeks to complete, so every minute my laptop was cradled on my lap, I was drawing.  So here is my masterpiece, which I got 100% on by the way!
Basic RGB
On Monday this week, I found myself struggling to stay awake by 6:30 pm. No hockey, no ringette and my next assignment wasn’t due for two weeks. Yes, I had housework to do and as the Chief Referee for my local ringette association, I could have been working on the ref schedule, but my laptop stayed tucked quietly in its case while I stay tucked pleasantly under a woven Mexican blanket my sister-in-law gave me, pretending to watch TV.  My son curled up in front of me and the only reason I got up was when our dog jumped on my chest because she had to pee and I wasn’t paying attention to her cold-nose flicks of my arm.  The sandman called me somewhere around 8 pm and I went for a little frolic with him until my children had to go to bed.  After they were placing calls to the Sandman themselves, I rejoined him for the night.
Sometimes I wish all of my evenings could be so laid back and easy. I needed the break.  With a little extra sleep and a refreshed frame of mind, I have returned with a vengeance, trying to squeak 400 things into a sixteen hour day.  That’s only 25 different tasks an hour – easy peasy!  It’s a good thing I’ve got lots of energy, at least most of the time.  My sci-fi novel had to take a backseat and it’s killing me, but the course will be over before Christmas and I have a few holidays coming.  Instead of taking a break from my mind, I’ll just take a break from other tasks and get the darn book finished!  I hope.
Have a great day!