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Rain, Rain Go Away. Come Again When I Can Focus!

Five solid days of rain have already passed with a forecasted three more still to come.  Staring out the window, the remaining leaves on the trees wave at me violently as if each one begs to be brought in to sit by the fire.  Those that have fallen cover the storm sewers, creating lakes along the roadside large enough to drown the dog.  Speaking of the dog, she is antsy, nudging me daily to the door only to step outside and immediately turn back around, the brown of her eyes blackening as depression sets in.  Now, with Hurricane Sandy on her way to whip Southern Ontario around for a few hours, I feel caged in.  I have so much to do inside – writing, reading my Illustrator course lectures and completing my assignments, a Halloween costume to sew, an online hockey coaches course to complete – yet all I want to do is go outside.  One or two days of rain are welcome.  When I feel like I should invest in a rowboat and sell my minivan, perhaps Mother Nature has been a little too cruel.  I live in Canada after all, not England.

I’m staring at my laptop knowing full well what I should be doing, but instead I write a blog post about the pouring rain.  Storms are emotional for me.  If I had a covered porch, I’d be wrapped in blanket outside listening to the wind tell me its tales or singing a rap to the raindrops drumming the rooftop.  Since my deck and front porch are wide open, I have to be content to sit inside, ponder my life and wonder how I will ever keep up with what I need to do.  Life is like that I guess.  Always striving, always working, never enough time to get everything you want to do, done.

I don’t need time management skills.  What I need is for some miraculous addition of about four hours to the day.  Of course if my wish were granted, two of those hours would be gobbled up, as I’m most certain labour laws would change to grant businesses an extension of a legal work day.  I most certainly would take at least one hour away for sleep, since I’m seriously lacking there anyway.  What would I do with an extra hour?  Probably none other than waste it at the TV or playing a game.

Zoe Striking faced a storm of her own.  Read about her in The Oathbreaker’s Son – available at the links below.

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Enjoy your day!


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