In my world, pixies, witches, aliens and ghosts are all friends. Let my imagination take you somewhere amazing!

The Oathbreaker’s Son now in print!

I’m so excited, I could EXPLODE!  The Oathbreaker’s Son is now available in print.  As soon as I have a minute to breathe, I’m going to order at least 10 copies.  The moment I hold my baby in my hands will be nothing less than pure contentment.  After a year of writing and editing that novel, seeing her in black and white (colour cover of course) with my name in red across the front will bring the circle to successful completion.  Five years of rejection, questions, writing and re-writing other work, research and editing has put me exactly where I wanted to be – PUBLISHED!  Thanks to everyone for their support so far.  I’m looking forward to completing my sci-fi and starting the process anew.

The Oathbreaker’s Son has two 5-star reviews, one on Amazon and one on Goodreads.  You can purchase a print copy of The Oathbreaker’s Son on here:

Have a great day!


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