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When Writing Becomes a Chore

Life is hardly anything like the days when Mom stayed home spending time with the kids, cooking, cleaning and baking. For those Moms who get to stay at home, wonderful! I wish I had that option. Today, families are taxed above and beyond. The expectation to keep your kids healthy and active has gone viral to a point the activity could be the death of a few of us. My family is no exception to the rule. We have a daughter playing Ringette at the rep level, our son plays hockey, my husband and I are coaching him and I officiate Ringette at the Provincial Level. On top of our full time jobs and even a side business, I’ve decided to cram in an Adobe Illustrator Course through my local college because obviously I’m lacking enough to do. My creative writing opportunities are being reduced to talking things out to myself in the shower and trying to squeak a few words in on my lunch break. Not particularly effective, but I make do.

As the pace in my household steps up for the Fall/Winter season of running from home to work, to arena, to arena and home, trying to fit in food and housekeeping in between, I am finding getting back to my WIP a real chore. I don’t even have time to write down my ideas in a notepad half the time because there never seems to be one close by when I need it. Maybe I should get a voice recorder, but wouldn’t it be ruined if I took it in the shower? And most certainly, paper does not hold up against water! Perhaps I should buy those bathtub crayons made of soap. I could always write my notes on the tile, right? Ok, I’m a clean-freak. We all know I won’t go through with it.

My WIP sits at nearly 37,000 words, most of which were written through the lazier days of summer. I guess I have to be satisfied with getting two sentences written at lunch, even if the rest of the novel takes the whole Hockey/Ringette season to complete. My goal was to complete it by our Canadian Thanksgiving. Feasting on my turkey will have to be bittersweet. I love being at the rink, but it will have to be with my laptop firmly in my lap keeping my legs warm. Writing my story will be on my to-do list for a bit yet. I’ll just have to get the job done in between life!

How does your busy life affect your writing or any of your other passions? Where do you squeak in time to write, sew, have a little “ME” time?

Happy Monday!


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