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TBH – I do not write porn

The romance genre spans such a vast eternity, one can easily get wrapped up in stereotyping. I have no issue with those who write erotic romance, in fact I commend them for it. My face reddens just thinking about it. Personally, I can’t put my readers right in the bed with my muses during their most intimate moments. Just as my bedroom remains my business, so shall my characters’.

A romance novel can be anything from the development of a heartfelt bond, an everlasting relationship right down to hard core, full blown, detailed sex. Whatever you fancy. I prefer to delve into the deepest emotions of my characters and build an unbreakable bond between them, leaving their private moments completely private. As a new, emerging author, I am finding myself almost embarrassed by being connected to the romance genre. Why? Because it seems the minute you say your novel is listed under romance, eyes glaze over or squeamishly drop to the ground as people search to switch the topic. I can specify “sweet” romance, but that is not commonly understood.

Truth be told, I used to follow those same stereotypes. All romance novels were racy, steamy and of no interest. I know now, how wrong I have been. I have so much reading to get caught up on! 🙂


Museful Monday Post

Please join me today over at the Believing is Seeing Blog with Author Sandra Sookoo!

Welcome to the Novel Seitz Blog!

Today is my first blog post, so welcome. My name is Robyn Seitz and I am the author of The Oathbreaker’s Son, an urban fantasy sweet romance available in e-book form on Amazon and at Sweet Cravings Publishing. Print version should come out soon.

Let me tell you a little bit about me. My birthday is in 3 days, but I have no intention of dwelling on being another year older. I’m a woman and I have no interest in discussing the matter. ☺ As the mother of two active children, I spend a lot of my time in arenas or on the soccer field. In fact, some of my writing is done in the stands or on the sidelines while my son or daughter is practicing or while I’m waiting for games to start.

I’m happily married to my best friend, Rob. Yes, let’s have a little chuckle over that one… Robyn & Rob. Please don’t say Rob & Robyn, because it just sounds like you’re saying my name twice! Lol. I develop many of my muses’ relationships based on how close we are. They bond the way we have and they love each other as deeply as we do.

So I hope you’ll stop by now and then to visit. I currently have a number of projects on the go, including a new romantic sci-fi that I hope to start putting out to publishers in the near future. I’ve currently written over 33,000 words and I’m just over half way there.

If you’ve already read The Oathbreaker’s Son, I hope you enjoyed it. If not, give the book a try. I’ve included the cover and a blurb for your reading pleasure.

Enjoy your day!